Row boils over Kedong Ranch, as Maa community moves to court seeking to block their eviction:

Over 30,000 people from the Maasai Community have moved to court seeking to block their eviction from Kedong Ranch situated in Naivasha, Nakuru County.
The petition has been filed by 17 people on behalf of the population saying that the government has earmarked land for development of the proposed Naivasha Dry Port without undertaking compensation to the affected local Maasai community who are inhabitants of the land.

The petitioners are entitled to dignity as protected by the constitution and all acts that violate this dignity stand in violation of the constitution, reads court documents

Kedong Ranch Ltd Kenya Railways Corporation, National Land Commission and the AG have been named as respondents in the case.

The petitioners are apprehensive that property on the suit land will be destroyed any time as the Kedong Ranch Ltd embarks on surveying and exersing of parts of the land, they argue

Through lawyer Thomas Letangule, they argued that the government has fenced off parts of the land occupied with an intention of constructing a dry port.

The government in the guise of various government projects has been constantly relocating or displacing the petitioners from the places they occupy as their land at will without due regard to their fundamental freedoms and rights.

They further argued that they are apprehensive that further government projects on the suit lands as well as the exercise of property rights by the Kedong Ranch ltd will continue to undermine and violate their rights and the Maasai community at large as they will continue to face imminent threats of eviction, reduction and loss of grazing land and possible loss of ancestral land.

Further they claim that they have made significant development in the said parcel of land including building churches, schools and the state has also constructed a police post in the said parcel of land. They argue that the government must adequately compensate the inhabitants of the land taking into consideration their interests and their rights.