Embattled Taita Taveta Governor Granton Samboja got a reprieve after high court temporarily suspended the decision by the County Assembly to impeach him.
Justice James Makau issued the orders barring the speaker of Taita Taveta County from submitting to the senate the resolution recommending the impeachment of the governor.

Pending inter-parties hearing of this Application, a Conservatory Order is hereby issued, staying the Resolution of the 1st Respondent to the Senate passed on the 9th October, 2019 recommending the impeachment of the Petitioner by the Senate.

In the court documents filed by the governor, Samboja argues that the entire process of impeachment by the Respondents was done so discreetly and that he got to know of it on 9th October, 2019 during the evening news on one of the Television Studios in Kenya.

Through lawyer Nelson Havi the governor argues that in passing the Resolution, the Respondents failed to adhere to the mandatory procedure for the impeachment of the Governor as provided by the Standing Orders.
He says that during the presentation, debate and the approval of the Motion, he was not given a chance to make any representation on the allegations made in the Motion.

Two days ago all the 30 MCAs voted to impeach Samboja in a special sitting convened after a Motion by Deputy Majority leader Harris Keke.

The case will be mentioned on the 28th of this month