Devolution and ASAL Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa has called on County Governments to set up emergency fund to deal with disasters occasioned by climate change.

Wamalwa has maintained that the funds will be prudent in responding to calamities resulting from the current rains causing havoc in several counties.

The rains we are experiencing now are as a result of climate changes according to experts and immediately after this we will have drought. The funds will be able to deal with floods and drought as well.

Speaking in Kombani Kwale County during the inspection of Kombani wholesale market last week , Wamalwa noted that the national government will only come in when the counties are overwhelmed.

At the first line of defense when there are floods or drought is the county government and they have to respond immediately to save lives after that the national government can come in.

On his part Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya has said that the county government has set aside Ksh 70 million to respond to disasters emanating from the ongoing rains.

He said that they are putting temporary measures in rectifying damaged areas before offering long term solutions when the rains subsides.

Our officers have been on the ground assessing the situation, we are on schedule for long term measures and also current measures.

This is even as some families are still struggling with the floods after their houses were submerged in Lemba Village.