8 Reasons You Should Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner

  • You need a reliable outlet for all of your wedding energy
    So many of the brides I work with feel that same pressure, particularly when it comes to the insecurity over how much wedding talk to share with their loved ones. One of the greatest joys of my job is the ability to be an enthusiastic and judgment-free outlet for my clients. Because wedding planning is both exhilarating and exhausting, brides need a dependable outlet for talking about their weddings and a professional wedding planner is exactly that.
  • You need to hire vendors you can trust
    Think about it this way, it probably took you years to find your perfect match in your future spouse, and now you need to find your perfect match in your wedding vendors. A professional wedding planner is a lot like a matchmaker, only instead of finding people his/her perfect mate.
    Without a wedding planner, most couples base their decisions about vendors on online searches or recommendations from friends. While those tools are valuable, most professional wedding planners have extensive networks of vendors with whom they have worked closely, and whose work they can vouch for, so they can both set you up with great quality vendors as well as steer you away from vendors that wouldn’t be a great fit.
    As a planner, I consider vendor matching to be one of the most important services I offer my clients. Your wedding vendors comprise your wedding “team,” and a professional wedding planner can help you draft the right vendors to make a winning combination for your day.
  • You need help figuring out the budget
    Wedding budgets are exactly like that. Most couples have never thrown a celebration like a wedding before, so why would they expect themselves to know how to budget for a wedding? A professional wedding planner can help you figure out a budget for the event that’s just right for you.
  • You don’t have time to plan a wedding
    Planning a wedding is a lot of work. Some experts even estimate that the time a couple spends planning their wedding amounts to about 15-20 hours per week (basically a part time job) throughout their engagement. Not every couple has the time/energy for that after jobs, hobbies and social lives. A professional wedding planner can take a large chunk of the planning time off of your plate.
  • You have tricky family dynamics to navigate.
    Nothing brings out a wealth of family dynamics quite like a wedding. Couples often have to navigate not on their own — but also their families’ — expectations about a single day. Naturally, it’s no surprise that tensions can arise between family members during the process of planning a wedding. A professional wedding planner can be a great objective resource in tricky family situations.
  • You can’t be in two places at once.
    This is a big one, and why I believe strongly in the value of day-of wedding planning for every couple.
    Many couples choose to have their ceremony and their reception in separate locations. Obviously a couple can’t be getting married at the ceremony venue while they are setting up their for reception at their reception venue at the same time.Even weddings where the ceremony and reception are in the same location often needs an extra set of hands to ensure that set-up of the event is done on time. Many event venues have strict time limits where couples are only allowed access to the space for a few hours (or less) before their wedding, so it is near impossible to juggle getting ready for the event and getting it set up on time. A professional wedding planner will likely have juggled multiple-location and time-crunched events before, so do yourself a favor and hire a day-of wedding planner.
  • You should be 100% present for your wedding day.
    Your wedding day happens once, and it can never be repeated. So, why not invest in someone who can free you from every responsibility other than drinking in every moment of that day? You’ve likely invested a great amount of time, energy and resources in your wedding, so you should get to enjoy it.
  • Your venue’s “wedding planner” isn’t really your wedding planner
    You may have a great coordinator who will help with all things on the day and they may even supply you with a list of recommended suppliers, however they do not take care of all the other aspects. There is a huge misconception that your coordinator is also your wedding planner, but the difference is that your wedding planner is there with you from start to finish, helping mediate your family disputes, advising on colour schemes and flower trends and anything else you desire